SSPC-PS 12.01

SSPC-PS 12.01


Asset:  Onshore Structure
Environmental Characteristic:  High Heat, High Humidity, Low Humidity
Industry:  Oil and Gas, Misc. Corrosion
Process:  Application
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


One Coat Zinc-Rich Painting System


This specification covers a one-coat zinc-rich painting system to be used on carbon steel in mild to moderately severe environments and corrosive marine atmospheric environments. Zinc-rich coatings, both topcoated and untopcoated, have been used successfully in a wide variety of environmental zones. For a detailed breakdown of applicability of various types of zinc-rich coatings in different environmental zones, refer to SSPC-PS Guide 12.00. Consult the coating manufacturer for specific exposure recommendations. This specification does not pertain to weldable prefabrication zinc-rich primers, which are typically applied at thicknesses less than 25 micrometers (1 mil). Further information regarding these and other zinc-rich primers can be found in SSPC-PS Guide 12.00.