SSPC-PS 10.01

SSPC-PS 10.01


Asset:  Pipeline
Environmental Characteristic:  Below Ground
Industry:  Pipelines and Underground Systems
Process:  Application
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


Hot-Applied Coal Tar Enamel Painting System


This specification covers a hot-applied coal tar painting system for underground and underwater steel structures, consisting of a primer and two hot-applied coats. This system is suitable for use on parts or structures exposed in Environmental Zones 2C (fresh water immersion), 3B (chemical, neutral), and 3C (chemical, alkaline). It has good abrasion resistance. It is also suitable for underground use. It must be used with discretion for immersion in corrosive chemicals since the coating is dissolved by some organic solvents and attacked by oxidizing solutions. The coal tar enamel must be topcoated with coal tar emulsion when exposed to sunlight to prevent checking and alligatoring.