SSPC-PA Guide 5

SSPC-PA Guide 5


Asset:  Bridge, Offshore Structure, Onshore Structure
Environmental Characteristic:  Below Freezing Point, High Heat, High Humidity, Low Humidity
Industry:  Oil and Gas, Energy Generation and Distribution, Water and Wastewater, Transportation Infrastructure, Maritime, Pulp and Paper, Misc. Corrosion
Process:  Application
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


Guide to Maintenance Coating of Steel Structuresin Atmospheric Service


This guide covers procedures for developing a maintenance coating program for steel structures. The guide may be used for one-time recoat programs or long-range recoat programs. The guide is intended for use primarily by owners' representatives. It is not intended to be a do-it-yourself guide, but is representative of the processes that a coating specialist, such as an SSPC Certified Protective Coatings Specialist (PCS), would follow to develop a maintenance coating plan for specific facilities.