Asset:  Onshore Structure
Industry:  Energy Generation and Distribution, Water and Wastewater, Transportation Infrastructure, Maritime, Pulp and Paper, Misc. Corrosion
Process:  Application
Substrate:  Concrete


Applying Thin Film Coatings to Concrete


This specification covers methods and procedures for applying thin film organic coatings to concrete surfaces by brush, roller, or spray. It is not intended for coatings applied to concrete floors or similar surfaces where thick coatings or surfacings are applied by trowel or mechanical equipment. Surface preparation, pretreatments, and selection of coatings are not covered, except where application requirements are affected, since these are discussed in referenced documents. This specification is intended for use by owners, applicators, and others in the coating industry. This document was prepared to meet the unique physical and chemical properties of concrete and should not be used for the coating of other substrates. This specification is only applicable to thin-film coatings.