Asset:  Bridge, Offshore Structure, Onshore Structure, Pipeline, Pressure Vessel
Environmental Characteristic:  Acidic, Below Freezing Point, Below Ground, Brackish Water, Fresh Water, High Heat, High Humidity, Low Humidity, Petroleum, Potable Water, Solvent
Industry:  Oil and Gas, Pipelines and Underground Systems, Energy Generation and Distribution, Water and Wastewater, Transportation Infrastructure, Maritime, Pulp and Paper, Misc. Corrosion
Process:  Application
Substrate:  Carbon Steel


Shop, Field, and Maintenance Painting of Steel


This specification covers procedures for the painting of steel surfaces. The scope of this specification is rather broad, covering both specific as well as general requirements for the application of paint. This specification does not provide detailed descriptions of surface preparation, pretreatments, or selection of primers and finish coats. This specification does provide detailed coverage of the procedures and methods for application after the selection of the coating materials has been made.