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Achieving DC Isolation and Safety Grounding

Many pipeline operators use flange isolation kits, monolithic isolation joints, and pipeline decouplers to manage stray current flow and over-voltage events on their pipelines. However, knowing where to use each of these products and what their capabilities are are the most asked questions we receive. This presentation will help you understand the capabilities of each of these products and where to use them for the most effective stray current protection strategy.

Expect to learn about:

  • Benefits and considerations of electrical protection by Flange Isolation Kits (FIKs) and Monolithic Isolation Joints (MIJs)
  • Effect of hydrotest on electrical protection
  • How Isolation joints and Decouplers Compliment each other for effective DC Isolation
  • Personnel safety
  • How Decouplers and Isolation joint/kits work and how they work together
  • Basics of lightning and fault currents and their behaviors

Tim Hurley
Tim Hurley

Senior Product Manager

Tim Bechtel
Tim Bechtel

Business Development Leader

Ian Kinnear
Ian Kinnear

Applications Engineer

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