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Two-Component Spray Gun

Last updated: June 3, 2018

What Does Two-Component Spray Gun Mean?

A two-component spray gun is a piece of equipment used to propel two separate pressurized coatings or lining fluids (from two different spray tanks) onto a metal surface at the same time. It is directly connected to a spray head nozzle to facilitate a precise application.


Corrosionpedia Explains Two-Component Spray Gun

Spraying is a method used to apply a coating to a metal substrate. Some coatings consist of several fluid components that must be mixed at fixed concentrations to enable their full coating potential. Two-component spray guns are used to house two of these fluids and prevent them from mixing prematurely.

Due to the molecular structures and physical properties of the components, coagulation may occur. Coagulation makes spray application impossible. Therefore, coatings must be applied after initial mixing but before the onset of coagulation and/or the fluid separation of coating components.


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