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Tungsten Crucible

Last updated: September 12, 2019

What Does Tungsten Crucible Mean?

A tungsten crucible is a container made of tungsten that is used to hold liquid materials that are elevated to high temperatures, often for material testing and evaluation purposes. A tungsten crucible can be reused so long as a satisfactory removal process is implemented.


Corrosionpedia Explains Tungsten Crucible

A tungsten crucible is made up of mostly tungsten, which is an extremely hard material; therefore, conventional machining processes are unsuitable for manufacturing the tungsten crucible. To make a crucible the tungsten is pressed and sintered, after which additional machining may be performed to reduce the surface roughness and obtain the desired final dimensions.

Tungsten crucibles are often used to perform laboratory experiments, such as observing chemical reactions of materials at high temperatures. Tungsten does not melt until it reaches a temperature of roughly 3,400°C (6,150°F), making it ideal for many types of materials undergoing high temperature experimentation.

Another popular use for tungsten crucibles is sapphire production, a process that requires high temperatures.


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