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Stress Concentration Factor Chart

Last updated: December 31, 2018

What Does Stress Concentration Factor Chart Mean?

A stress concentration factor chart is a graph that shows the relationship between the theoretical stress concentration factor of a particular shape versus its variation in cross section. These charts are used to quickly obtain a theoretical value of stress concentration without complex calculations (such as finite element analyses) or experimental testing.


Corrosionpedia Explains Stress Concentration Factor Chart

Stress concentration factor charts are unique for each shape. For a cross-section loaded in tension or compression with a particular stress riser shape, the graph provides a series of curves that can be interpreted to determine the stress concentration factor.

The X-axis of the graph usually consists of a dimensionless shape factor for the stress riser, while the Y-axis displays the theoretical stress concentration factor, Kt. Once the geometric properties of the stress riser shape are known, the graph can be used extrapolate the corresponding Kt value.


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