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Static Mixer

Last updated: February 14, 2020

What Does Static Mixer Mean?

A static mixer is a type of fixed equipment that is used to manipulate the miscibility of various fluid streams. It is inserted into a process vessel or pipeline to divide, spread, combine or disassociate a given fluid mixture. Static mixers may be prone to corrosion if they are made of metal and operate in an acidic, brine-rich or otherwise corrosion inducing fluid.

Static mixers may also be referred to as inline mixers, primarily in the pipeline industry.


Corrosionpedia Explains Static Mixer

Static mixers are used to facilitate both mixing requirements and the propagation of reaction processes. They are often used wherever a continuous, inexpensive batch processing operation is required.

A major advantage of static mixers is that they lack any moving components and therefore require less maintenance. They are installed as one piece of equipment.

Typical static mixer applications include:

  • pH control
  • Water treatment
  • Chemical blending



Inline Mixer

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