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Shot Blast Cleaning

Last updated: January 11, 2019

What Does Shot Blast Cleaning Mean?

Shot blast cleaning is a method of abrasive blast cleaning or abrasive blasting. Small metal shot acts as an abrasive media for surface preparation. Shot blast cleaning forcibly propels a high-pressure stream of abrasive material (metal shot) against a surface to:

  • Smooth a rough surface.
  • Shape a surface.
  • Remove surface contaminants such as rust.
  • Remove paints or coatings.

Shot blast cleaning is also known as shot blasting.


Corrosionpedia Explains Shot Blast Cleaning

Shot blast cleaning is commonly used:

  • To clean iron, steel, non-cast parts, forgings, mechanical sheets, rods, coils and wire.
  • To prepare surfaces to be painted or coated.
  • For shot peening, to alter a material's mechanical properties (e.g., to increase its resistance to fatigue).

Steel surfaces, such as aircraft carriers, ships and petroleum and water storage tanks may be shot blasted to remove rust, non-skid coatings, paint and marine growth. This may be done before these surfaces are coated (or re-coated) for corrosion resistance.

The two techniques used in the shot blast cleaning process are:

  • Wheel blasting.
  • Air blasting.


Shot Blasting

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