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Reinforced Concrete

Last updated: February 23, 2019

What Does Reinforced Concrete Mean?

Reinforced concrete is a building material in which two or more materials with different physical properties are used to impart a higher tensile strength and ductility to a building's structure.

If concrete is not reinforced, then it tends to have low tensile strength and ductility.


Corrosionpedia Explains Reinforced Concrete

The purpose of reinforcement is to mitigate the tensile stresses that a building structure faces on a regular basis due to natural weather conditions. The reinforcement of concrete is often accomplished with the use of steel reinforcement bars or rebars, but it can also be done by using additional concrete passively.

The reinforcement materials usually consist of steel, composites or polymers, which impart strength, ductility and reinforcement to a concrete structure.

Reinforced concrete can be classified as:

  • Precast concrete
  • Cast in place concrete

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