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Pump Repair

Last updated: August 2, 2018

What Does Pump Repair Mean?

Pump repair is a maintenance process for smooth pumping. It keeps pumps working for longer periods. A pump operating problem is the origin of damage to the pump, which can be caused by either hydraulic or mechanical factors. It is the result of: 1) heat, 2) contamination, 3) cavitation, 4) bearing and couplings, and 5) vibration.

Pump repair is necessary to reduce the operating costs of pumping and to prevent corrosion in the pumps. Pump repair may be performed when there are changes in sound of a running pump, abrupt changes in bearing temperatures, and seal chamber leakage of a pump.


Corrosionpedia Explains Pump Repair

Pump repair is essential when pump failures or signs of failures are evident. Pump repair is very much indispensable when a pump is unable to deliver liquid or deliver an insufficient capacity or develops insufficient pressure. In mechanical factors, a pump may consume excessive power or develop symptoms of mechanical difficulties at different parts of a pump. For example, it may show signs of difficulties at the bearings, vibration noise, seal chambers, or breakage of some pump parts. So before repairing a pump, it is crucial to classify symptoms and causes separately for maintenance.

During pump repair, the following procedures need to be done:

  • Pump packing wears out
  • Bearings must be lubricated or replaced
  • Mechanical seals need replacing
  • Couplings must be maintained
  • Motor and pump shafts must be aligned

Pump repair achieves two goals:

  • Primary goals: Prevents breakdowns and maintains adequate pumping capacity
  • Secondary goals: Lowers cost to operate and prolongs equipment life

Cavitation is a crucial hydraulic factor to repairing pumps. When suction pressure is too low and allows vapor bubbles to form as the fluid enters into the pump, cavitation is generally spotted there. Vibration damages pumps’ bearings and seals. Erosion also damages impeller pumps' housings.


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