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Pull-off Adhesion Test

Last updated: August 3, 2018

What Does Pull-off Adhesion Test Mean?

A pull-off adhesion test is a standard industrial practice governed by ASTM D 4541 that is used to assess the durability of protective coatings and determine if the coating application is adequate for service.


Corrosionpedia Explains Pull-off Adhesion Test

Pull-off adhesion testing is carried out by adhering or gluing a test dolly to a metal's surface that has been coated to protect against corrosion. An external force is then applied to the dolly by pulling it in a perpendicular direction away from the metal's surface. Measurements are then taken to obtain the empirical quantity of force that is required to displace the dolly and the type of failure that is experienced as a result of the test. This is determined to be a fixed adhesion property that is unique to the coating being examined.



Peel Off Adhesion Testing

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