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Last updated: January 19, 2017

What Does Pentane Mean?

Pentane is an organic compound that falls in the category of an alkane and consists of five carbon atoms that are linked together with a single bond in between and having the chemical formula C5H12. Pentane is present in three structural isomers:

  • n-pentane isomer
  • isopentane, also known as methylbutane
  • neopentane, also known as dimethylpropane

Corrosionpedia Explains Pentane

The properties of pentanes are very similar to hexanes and butanes; consequently they are used as components of some type of fuels and as a solvent. They are primarily used as a working medium in geothermal power stations and in some blended refrigerants because pentanes are safe to use, have a relatively lower cost than other alternatives and their boiling point is low. Pentanes are also used to manufacture pesticides.

Some properties of pentane:

  • Molar mass: 72.15 gram/mol
  • A colorless appearance with a gasoline-like odor
  • Density: 0.626 gram/milliliter
  • Melting point: -130.5°C to -129°C (-203°F to 264°F)
  • Boiling point: 35.9°C to 36.3°C (96.6°F to 97.3°F)
  • Viscosity: 0.24 cP at 20°C (68°F)

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