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Paint Remover

Last updated: April 10, 2019

What Does Paint Remover Mean?

Paint remover is a type of product intended to remove coatings, paints and other forms of finishes. It is also used to clean primary surfaces.

Paint removal may result in lead poisoning, so the proper product should be used to remove paints on surfaces. This means that operators must carefully follow product safety labels.

Paint remover is also known as paint stripper.


Corrosionpedia Explains Paint Remover

Paint removers are available in various types, and each kind works on certain finishes. Generally, they come in two basic groups:

  • Caustic – Usually sodium hydroxide or lye. These work by shattering the chemical bonds present in paint. However, these must go through neutralization to prevent corrosion and premature failure of the new finish.
  • Solvent – These can penetrate paint layers and split the bond that exists between the object and paint.

In general, paint removers penetrate into the film of the paint through the aid of the main ingredient's action, resulting in swelling. This leads to an increase in the volume, which weakens the adhesion of paint layers, separating the paint from the surface.

Some paint removers contain corrosion inhibitors in order to protect the substrate and the storage vessel of the paint remover from corrosion damage. In some products, colorants and surfactants may be added as well.



Paint Stripper

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