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Materials Science

Last updated: April 9, 2019

What Does Materials Science Mean?

Materials science is an engineering and scientific discipline that involves the study of the properties and characteristic of all materials. This field relies heavily on the principles of physics, chemistry and in some cases biology, and is dedicated to improving the properties of existing engineering materials as well as creating new ones.


Corrosionpedia Explains Materials Science

Materials science is a relatively new discipline that has vastly improved our understanding of how materials behave and how they may be used to maximize their efficiency. Persons who work in this field, called materials scientists, use various tools and techniques to relate the microstructure and composition of a material to its macromolecular physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Once these connections are understood, materials scientists can customize the properties of new or existing materials to meet specific requirements.

Materials scientists are responsible for many of the materials used in various modern engineering applications. This field is viewed as particularly crucial in industries where material strength, durability, reliability and safety must be balanced with cost-efficiency.


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