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Luminous Paint

Last updated: January 11, 2019

What Does Luminous Paint Mean?

Luminous paint refers to a colored semi-liquid substance that is visible as light or that glows in the dark when spread on a metallic surface. It is usually used as a metal coating to prevent corrosion, with different colors indicating different metal conditions.


Corrosionpedia Explains Luminous Paint

Luminous paint is largely used in industrial settings to provide both coating protection against corrosion and to increase the efficiency of future coating maintenance activities.

For example, industrial environments such as refineries and processing plants have a color-coded system that prompts a certain response or degree of awareness based on the paint's color. An example of such a system could be:

  • Red paint – Danger. Pipe may contain hazardous fluids or experience significant corrosion.
  • Green paint – Safe. Pipe has been recently inspected and is relatively safe to be around with no threat of hazardous discharges.
  • Yellow paint – Take caution. Pipe may be close to its end of life and should be monitored frequently for corrosive fatigue.

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