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Granular Powder

Last updated: April 29, 2020

What Does Granular Powder Mean?

Powders are a bulk solid, dry material that takes the form of ultra-fine particles that freely flow when tilted and shaken. Powders can be classified under the category of granular materials. Granular powder refers to any granular material that is characterized by a very fine size of grain.

Granular powders can be used in various applications like in the the manufacturing of gun powders, cosmetic powders, toners, medicines and more. In terms of corrosion protection, coatings can be made from granules.


Corrosionpedia Explains Granular Powder

Granular powders can be applied in various ways. When sprinkled, this powder can be fluffy and light. When compressed, it can become highly dense and resist flow. Granular powders have the highest tendency to clump, making grains cling to each other. These behaviors make granular powders ideal for industrial applications like corrosion protection and neutralization.

For instance, neutralizing powders are composed of granules. These products are specially made to neutralize and absorb hazardous spills that may be alkaline or acidic in nature. Neutralizing powder in granule form changes color as it neutralizes hazardous spills. This property makes this product safe and easy to use.

Granular powders can also be used as polymer powders that are used to solidify liquids prior to transport, which is highly beneficial in mining operations. There are also other types of granular powder products that are made from clay mix and cellulose. These are also used as drying agents to prevent harmful processes like corrosion from occurring.


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