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Film Build

Last updated: April 10, 2019

What Does Film Build Mean?

Film build refers to the degree of thickness with which paint is applied to a substrate's surface. The durability of a coating in the prevention of surface corrosion is often directly proportional to its film build.


Corrosionpedia Explains Film Build

Film build is often categorized as two types: thin and thick. Thin film builds tend to have lower durability and resistance to corrosion causing elements such as moisture and chemical attack. Therefore, metallic surfaces with thin film build coatings require more frequent inspections, maintenance and recoating. The opposite is true for thick film builds.

Dry film build can be measured with the use of an electromagnetic induction gauge, while wet film build is measured with the use of a comb-gauge. Film thickness measurement involves the use of a wide range of approaches. They include the cutting and inspection of a coating using a cutter, or using techniques that do not damage the coating such as magnetic and eddy current thickness measurement methods.

The required film build for a given metallic surface or application may be determined by consulting established industry standards and best practices. Certain applications such as industrial oil pipelines and offshore structures typically require significant film build protection due to their environments and fluid exposure.


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