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End Milling

Last updated: August 4, 2017

What Does End Milling Mean?

End milling refers to a physical surface preparation process used to generate material chips by feeding a metal workpiece into a revolving cutter. End milling is a practical and very common procedure in industrial fabrication applications.


Corrosionpedia Explains End Milling

End milling is facilitated by cuts done in several directions, in contrast to the axial directional cutting that is typical of drill bits. End mills can be categorized based on the sort of tools that are affixed to them, number of flutes, helix angle, compositional material and even coating material. Specifications can vary depending on the intended purpose of the mill and the properties of the metal to be treated.

Protective coatings, such as titanium nitride, increase tool efficiency. For example, TiAIN coated tools reduce or eliminate the need for lubrication because the coating prevents aluminum from adhering to the tool.


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