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Last updated: September 15, 2017

What Does Dryfall Mean?

This is a name given to an alkyd or acrylic paint or coating that has characteristics of fast drying (the droplets fall in such a way that when they land, they are solid). It contains additives that makes it a cost-effective product since it reduces the cost of clean-up after painting or coating interior and exterior large surfaces.


Corrosionpedia Explains Dryfall

When paint or coating droplets fall from a height, the paint falls on all the equipment and surfaces. The presence of additives in dryfall paints or coatings enables the paint to be recovered as removable dust just within a height of eight to twelve feet. It is designed to work best where the humidity is about 50% and an ambient temperature; high temperature and low humidity will reduce the dry rate.

This ability to dry up fast when overspray is used makes painting easy without masking surfaces and equipment that fall below the surfaces being applied. This has come as a solution to the spraying technique, which traditionally enabled the paint to be carried in wet condition by the wind. Rather than changing to roller painting, the dryfall paints or coating come in handy. Hence, it is specifically formulated for airless spray painting or coating application. These paints will maintain the property so long as thinning is not done.


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