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Doubler Plate

Last updated: January 22, 2016

What Does Doubler Plate Mean?

Doubler plates are used as one of the solutions for plate damage from corrosion in the structures of the ships. Doubler plates are also called “doublers.” This method is used as the preferred method for repairing the structure of ships as it is less costly and relatively easy compared to inserting a permanent welded plate.


Corrosionpedia Explains Doubler Plate

There are a few factors that affect the strength or capacity of flat plates with doubler plates, because of which the maximum damage can be rectified. They are as follows:

  • The type of material that is used for the manufacturing of the doubler plate as well as the base structure of the ship.
  • Within the base structure of the ship, the location where the doubler plate needs to be installed.
  • The end conditions of the ship’s base structure plate.
  • The amount of cracking and fractures caused because of corrosion on the base plate.



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