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Last updated: September 16, 2017

What Does Direct-To-Metal Mean?

Direct-To-Metal (DTM) is a type of paint or coating used on metal surfaces. Direct-To-Metal coatings, as the name implies, are applied directly onto a metal substrate without the use of a primer beforehand. Direct-To-Metal coatings have an acrylic composition that allows them to successfully adhere to a metal surface when directly applied. Since a primer is not necessary for DTM coatings, they are regularly chosen for jobs when surface preparation is not possible or for applications in which high quality is not the primary concern.


Corrosionpedia Explains Direct-To-Metal

Direct-To-Metal coatings are commonly used by non-professionals and are regularly used for small jobs where only basic corrosion resistance or basic aesthetic appeal is required.

Although surface preparation does not need to be of high quality as with other coating products, the material should still be free of heavy oxide layers and other debris.

Direct-To-Metal coatings can be applied using a variety of application methods to more than just metals. They are known for their durability and for protecting material surfaces exposed to a variety of outdoor weather conditions.


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