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Diffusive Wear

Last updated: January 8, 2018

What Does Diffusive Wear Mean?

Diffusive wear refers to the damage, erosion or degradation that occurs on a metal's surface due to increased surface temperatures. This increase in surface temperature is due to constant frictional contact between two or more other metals.


Corrosionpedia Explains Diffusive Wear

Diffusive wear is primarily due to the heat that is produced by adhesion when two rough surfaces move across each other, typically when one metal is sliding across the another one. The increase in temperature facilitates the fusion of atoms belonging to the relatively harder metal into the other secondary (softer) metal's surface. This results in an increase in strength of the softer metal, but a degradation and/or corrosion of the harder metal. The reverse may also occur depending on the intermolecular reactivity present in the metal-metal pair that is in contact.

Diffusive wear is primarily temperature driven. Therefore, it can be prevented by ensuring that strict temperature controls are in place for various metal applications. In addition, direct metal surface contact should be prevented and diffusion coatings may be appropriate.


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