Understanding Corrosion in Water Pipelines: A Guide for Pipeline Designers


Corrosion Simulation Model

Last updated: August 17, 2017

What Does Corrosion Simulation Model Mean?

Corrosion simulation models are software-generated scenarios or case studies that are formulated based on corrosion-inducing factors such as moisture, chemical attack, stress and strain. These computer-generated models are used to predict the likelihood and severity of corrosion in certain applications of metallic materials. It is a practical approach to corrosion prevention and management.


Corrosionpedia Explains Corrosion Simulation Model

Corrosion simulation models are designed using computer programs, many of which are commercially available to industries and end users. They provide users with the ability to enter a wide range of parameters to investigate corrosion generating processes and help to understand preventative measures and structural integrity protection. Various forms of corrosion such as galvanic, pitting, crevice, double layer and other electrochemical phenomena can be examined using such software.


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