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Calcium Silicate

Last updated: June 11, 2017

What Does Calcium Silicate Mean?

Calcium silicate is a chemical compound composed of calcium and silica with the chemical formula Ca2SiO4 that is naturally found in limestone. Calcium silicate has a high water absorption rate and a low bulk density.

Calcium silicate is a key industrial chemical compound used in applications requiring high strength and durability. It is mostly used as an industrial alternative to the highly toxic asbestos compound for insulating structures and large construction units.


Corrosionpedia Explains Calcium Silicate

Certain types of corrosion are more likely to occur in insulated enclosures due to entrapped moisture. The most common type of corrosion associated with insulation is galvanic corrosion, which forms due to an electrolytic cell within a jacketed enclosure. Therefore, calcium silicate is used to prevent corrosion in such units due to its moisture absorbing properties.


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