Understanding Corrosion in Water Pipelines: A Guide for Pipeline Designers



Last updated: November 16, 2016

What Does Brushout Mean?

This is a technique or a corrosion prevention method used in construction during surface finish, whereby a small amount of coating or paint is applied on the surface of a material. It is also used to mean the removal of paint before curing.

It is useful in testing the effectiveness of the coating or painting film against corrosion. It is used to improve the sales of a commodity by demonstrating the aesthetic value of the finished product based on appearance.


Corrosionpedia Explains Brushout

Brushout comprises the removal of dry paint or coating, removal of uncured paint or coating, and the application of paint or coating in small quantities on the surface of a substrate to provide more information on the corrosion prevention capability of the coating or painting.

Before repairing any coated or painted material, it is advisable to remove the old layer of coating and clean up the surface, making it dry for repainting. Before making a coating, all dust and dirt are cleaned so that the adhesion is improved. Excess brushout of paint or coating prevents the formation of coating defects, which may assist in hiding corrosion of the substrate.

To achieve corrosion prevention, the application of the finishing material for testing will determine whether it should be adopted.


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