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Breakdown Maintenance

Last updated: March 29, 2017

What Does Breakdown Maintenance Mean?

Breakdown maintenance is a form of material or equipment remediation that is performed after the equipment or material has lost its functioning capabilities or properties. Breakdown maintenance is often the last resort in an attempt to restore or extend the life of a given asset.


Corrosionpedia Explains Breakdown Maintenance

Breakdown maintenance is performed on equipment that is unusable due to any of several reasons ranging from severe corrosion to physical factors that have directly impeded the regular functioning of the equipment. The maintenance may be either scheduled or not.

Run-to-failure maintenance is a type of scheduled breakdown maintenance, while examples of unplanned maintenance include corrective maintenance and reactive maintenance. Breakdown maintenance is often avoided because it can cost more than preventative maintenance.

The maintenance procedure involves:

  1. Generation and review of usage records
  2. Maintenance scheduling
  3. Lubrication and cleaning
  4. Wear and tear visual inspections
  5. Proper housing and component storage

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