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Bond Enhancing Primer

Last updated: August 12, 2019

What Does Bond Enhancing Primer Mean?

This is a chemical surface penetration solvent-based adhesive with low solid content, applied on the surface of substrates to improve its bonding ability with paints and other coatings. They can be applied on the surface of a metal after pretreatment by brushing, rolling or spraying.

They are used in paints and plastic coatings to act as surface protection and corrosion inhibiting techniques. They also reduce peeling and flaking in paints and coats.


Corrosionpedia Explains Bond Enhancing Primer

Before coating a substrate or applying plastic coating and paint, one has to ensure that the surfaces are clean and dry. However, even when the surface is dry, the level of adherence is quite low, thus the use of bond-enhancing primer provides the immediate solution. They are unique coatings that aim at making the substrate allow uniform application of protective systems.

These fillers are non-reactive, so they cannot be degraded when extreme conditions are felt. They are made in such a way that they will not react directly or indirectly with the substrate. Since some plastics have low surface energy, which makes it hard for these surfaces to bond, the use of bond-enhancing primer prepares the surface for protective coating.

The primed substrate can be stored and properties improved by curing. When the solvent evaporated, the solid content acts as a linkage between the substrate and the paint or plastic coating.


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