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Blast Cleaning

Last updated: May 15, 2020

What Does Blast Cleaning Mean?

Blast cleaning is a surface preparation method commonly performed on metals or materials prior to coating. Blast cleaning involves propelling abrasive projectiles at a metal surface. The impact of these abrasive projectiles on the metal surface removes mill scale, oxide layers and other surface conditions that could negatively affect the coating application process and the corrosion resistance of the metal.


Corrosionpedia Explains Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning uses several different methods to accelerate the abrasive projectiles to a velocity where they can create an impact energy sufficient to prepare a material's surface. Two common methods are compressed air and centrifugal wheels.

Blast cleaning uses a variety of abrasive particles or media to prepare a material's surface. These include sand, glass beads, metal shot and several others. These particles can be propelled in a dry or wet state. Blast cleaning abrasive particles can sometimes be collected for reuse or recycling.

The finish type depends on the impact energy and the abrasive particles or media used. Research can determine which blast cleaning parameters are necessary to achieve the desired finish.


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