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Acrylic Latex

Last updated: February 12, 2019

What Does Acrylic Latex Mean?

This is a synthetic substance that has a natural resemblance to latex obtained from rubber trees. It is a name used in corrosion prevention substances (coats and paints) to denote the presence of acrylic binders and polymer ingredients. It is used in making water-based paints or coats. It is used in the automotive industry as a corrosion prevention substance in under coats.


Corrosionpedia Explains Acrylic Latex

Coatings and paintings are used on the surface of substrates to prevent corrosion and increase appearance. The acrylic resin or polymer percentage in paints do not define them that much, but the appearance of the paint (such that it looks milky in color when wet, flexible when dry, and clear when applied) makes it fall under latex. Provided that the chemical substance resembles natural latex, it is called acrylic latex.The use of acrylic latex in corrosion prevention substances is characterized by:

  • Better blocking when dry
  • Better solvent, strain, micro-organism resistance
  • Resistance to cracking, peeling, chalking, blistering and flaking
  • Better adhesion and flexible when dry
  • Better color retention
  • Fast dry times and less odor
  • Smooth when applied on surfaces

Latex is used when the largest portion of the corrosion prevention substance is made of water. Therefore, the acrylic portion changes with percentage until the acrylic resin is 100% (expensive product). Therefore, it is an emulsion of chemical-based and water-based polymers.


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