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Protective Potential Range

What Does Protective Potential Range Mean?

The protective potential range is the range of voltages, within which the given material remains passive, as well as outside the range of corrosion potential of the material. The term is used for number of corrosion protection systems and their parameters for controlling corrosion.


Corrosionpedia Explains Protective Potential Range

Corrosion as an electrochemical reaction, is driven by the corrosion potential of the material. In cathodic protection systems as well as in anodic protection systems, the metal to be protected is maintained within a range that is outside the corrosion potential range.

The protective potential range is very narrow in certain cases. Sophisticated control and monitoring systems are needed for cathodic protection systems of pipelines and other structures to maintain the protected metallic pipes or structures within protective potential range with respect to the anode.


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