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Nodular Powder

Last updated: July 19, 2024

What Does Nodular Powder Mean?

Nodular powder is irregularly shaped powdered metal particles commonly used in the field of metallurgy.

Nodular powder is utilized by various industries, such as in corrosion protection. For example, a large number of powder coatings are composed of nodular powder, which is effective in protecting steel materials against corrosion.


Corrosionpedia Explains Nodular Powder

Steel, whether exposed outside and inside, can have varying corrosion speed depending on the environment’s aggressiveness. That damage and wear can be prevented by using powders that are generated through different means like the reduction of calcium hydride, water spraying as well as spraying of molten metal gas.

Powders that are sprayed by gas are known for their excellent fluidity and spherical particles. These types of powders are applied in wear-resistant powder coating and corrosion deposition on various equipment and machine parts.

Because powder coatings have a variety of purposes, the selection of coating is vital. The powder coating should be selected based on its ability to achieve its purpose of protecting against corrosion. For instance, there are nodular powders mainly used for the deposition of coatings that are wear resistant in operating environments that are more aggressive than usual, such as in an atmosphere with elevated pressure, temperature and other factors.


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