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Aluminum Ion Plating

Last updated: October 8, 2018

What Does Aluminum Ion Plating Mean?

Aluminum ion plating is a form of corrosion protection that utilizes aluminum as the principal coating plating material.

This type of plating provides a great level of protection to steel relative to other types of plating.


Corrosionpedia Explains Aluminum Ion Plating

Aluminum ion plating is a form of vapor deposition of aluminum wherein pure aluminum is deposited on almost any kind of metal for corrosion protection, increased strength, improved appearance and other functions. It serves as a great alternative to cadmium plating due to the following advantages:

  • Non-toxic
  • Less hazardous
  • Safe application
  • Eco-friendly

This kind of plating can be employed in various environments. The most common is its application in steel, where it provides outstanding resistance to sacrificial corrosion without causing hydrogen embrittlement.

Furthermore, it is also suitable in corrosion- and heat-resistant alloys as it guarantees identical benefits as with steel, along with added resistance to oxidation, especially at elevated temperatures. Aluminum ion plating is also ideal on titanium. Along with the benefit of enhancing corrosion resistance, it can also improve wear and tear resistance, color, emissivity and inhibits the combustion of titanium. It also allows adhesive bonding and friction coefficient.

Industries like aerospace greatly benefit from this form of plating. They implement it in steel fasteners and aluminum alloys in order to mitigate bimetallic corrosion that could occur.


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