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Liquid-infused Coating

What Does Liquid-infused Coating Mean?

A liquid-infused coating is a type of coating technology that involves stabilizing a liquid lubricant within a textured surface. Liquid-infused coatings consist of two main elements: a porous surface and a lubricating compound. The solid surface is designed to trap the lubricant, such that it becomes infused into the surface. This liquid infusion gives the surface a slippery property that repels incoming fluids away from the substrate.


Corrosionpedia Explains Liquid-infused Coating

The most crucial component of liquid-infused coatings is the preparation of the solid surface. This ensures that the lubricant gets infused into the surface, where it is held together via strong capillary forces. Because the lubricant exists at the surface of the solid, the coated surface maintains a wet and slippery texture.

This attribute makes liquid-infused coatings popular in the marine industry for preventing biofouling, which occurs when microorganisms adhere to a surface. Because liquid-infused coated surfaces have the ability to repel all incoming liquids, they create an environment that discourages biofouling and bacterial growth.


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