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Single Component Coating

Last updated: January 27, 2020

What Does Single Component Coating Mean?

A single-component coating is a type of coating that does not require any additional additives before it can be applied to a surface. The coating is pre-mixed and the entire end product is housed in a single container. While single-component coatings are considered "ready to use," they may need to be shaken or stirred before use to ensure that all components in the coating solution are adequately mixed. Single-component coatings are one type of coating applied to metallic objects to prevent corrosion.

A single-component coating may also be known as a one component coating.


Corrosionpedia Explains Single Component Coating

Despite its name, the term single-component coating does not mean that the coating is made from only one chemical or substance.

Generally, single-component coatings are designed for a unique purpose. For example, some single-component coating formulations may be designed for enhanced corrosion resistance, quick-drying or exceptional gloss.

On the other hand, dual-component coatings typically consist of two separate parts: a base and a catalyst. When these two components are combined, the mixture undergoes a chemical reaction that results in a harder and more durable product.



One Component Coating

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