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Hydrophilic Coating

Last updated: April 4, 2020

What Does Hydrophilic Coating Mean?

A hydrophilic coating is a coating that has an affinity for water. The term hydrophilic means "water-loving," therefore, these types of coatings tend to attract water rather than repel it. Hydrophilic coatings readily spread water around the object when exposed to moisture, thus enhancing its lubricity and significantly reducing surface friction.


Corrosionpedia Explains Hydrophilic Coating

Hydrophilic coatings act like microscopic sponges, gripping the water (or other liquid) to provide low frictional characteristics as long as the surface remains wet. These types of coatings are typically used in the medical industry for coating medical devices, most notably surgical tools.

Because these tools regularly come into contact with skin and bodily fluids, minimal friction is crucial. Surfaces coated with hydrophilic coatings exhibit low pulling forces and are able to navigate anatomical pathways while lessening patient discomfort.


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