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Irregular Powder

Last updated: August 1, 2017

What Does Irregular Powder Mean?

Irregular powder refers to particles that lack symmetry. These are usually water-sprayed or water-reduced. Its main application includes permeable materials’ production or filters, as well as the development of corrosion-resistant structures or parts.

In some cases, irregular powder is also used in the production of plasma coatings, which are mainly used in aircraft motors.


Corrosionpedia Explains Irregular Powder

Powders are generated through gas spraying of molten metal, reduction of calcium hydride in combined metal oxides and high-pressure water spraying. Irregularly shaped powders are made though water-sprayed and water-reduced methods.

This type of powder possesses unique characteristics that contribute to the development of certain properties such as corrosion protection, friction and wear resistance. For instance, irregular copper powder that is produced though water atomization, is used in:

  • Enhancing sintered parts’ properties
  • Metallurgical alloying
  • Brazing
  • Welding
  • Surface engineering

There are some irregular bronze powders that have the same function as irregular copper powder. It is also used in hydraulic sealing, bushings, bearings and other friction parts.

There are also irregularly shaped stainless steel powders that are mainly used in the welding of coatings that are resistant to erosion onto valve parts or power equipment. These powders are specially formulated to perform innovative functions in electronics, engineering as well as other processes like repair and production.


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