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Uniform Corrosion

Last updated: September 12, 2019

What Does Uniform Corrosion Mean?

Uniform corrosion is a type of corrosive attack in which the corroded areas occur in a manner evenly distributed across the material being attacked. Uniform corrosion can render large amounts of material useless quite rapidly because the attack occurs across the entirety of the exposed surface.

Although uniform corrosion can be incredibly devastating, it is typically easily detectable and readily preventable.


Corrosionpedia Explains Uniform Corrosion

Uniform corrosion can occur on many different materials. Steel, aluminum, copper and many other materials quite commonly become victims of uniform corrosion. A rusty bolt is an example item that has been affected by uniform corrosion.

Uniform corrosion is readily preventable through various means to decrease a material's susceptibility to uniform corrosion, such as:

  • Galvanizing steel parts.
  • Attaching a sacrificial anode to a material.
  • Applying a painting or coating.

If left unattended, uniform corrosion can lead to failure. The material may continue corroding across the exposed area until it has thinned and weakened to the point where it can no longer serve its original intended purpose.


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