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Air Spray

Last updated: August 15, 2019

What Does Air Spray Mean?

Air spray is a painting technique where paint is applied to a surface via a spray gun, which is air pressurized. With this method, coating products like paint, varnish or even ink can be sprayed onto the surface via the action of air.

Air spraying makes the paint more even and atomized while improving its adherence and protection capabilities. All of these qualities are crucial in preventing damage or corrosion to the painted surface.


Corrosionpedia Explains Air Spray

The air spray gun that is used in this process is composed of an air compressor, a paint receptacle, a nozzle, and sometimes a whip check and whip end. Pulling the trigger causes the paint to combine with the stream of compressed air, discharging the paint as fine particles.

There are a wide array of nozzle sizes and shapes available on the market, making it possible to modify the evenness and reliability of the coating. The most commonly used are the following:

  • Flat stream
  • Hollow cone
  • Full cone

The process can be either manual or automatic. In the manual process, the air sprayer is held by the operator at a distance of 6-10 inches away from the surface as it is moved back and forth. In this technique, every stroke is overlapped by the previous to produce an uninterrupted coat.

On the other hand, the automatic method makes air spray coating possible by using an air spray gun that is connected to a block, which produces the stream of coating.

With the air spray technique, applying coating is faster and more efficient, especially in mitigating damage to the coated object or surface.


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