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Steel Abrasive

What Does Steel Abrasive Mean?

Steel abrasives are a type of media used in the blast cleaning or shot peening process. They consist of small steel particles that are typically available in two different shapes (shot or grit).

Both steel shot and grit are commonly used for blast cleaning. Cast steel shot are spherically shaped particles that are produced by granulating a stream of molten steel with either air or water. Cast steel grit, on the other hand, are irregularly shaped particles that are obtained by crushing steel shot.


Corrosionpedia Explains Steel Abrasive

Steel abrasive media is typically composed of high-carbon steel to provide an optimal balance of mechanical and strength properties. One of the most defining characteristics of steel abrasives is their hardness and durability. These attributes make them ideal for various industrial applications, including:

  • Cleaning – Steel shot and grit are used to loosen materials such as mill scale, rust and other contaminants from steel substrates. This type of cleaning abrasive is common in the automotive and marine industries.
  • Shot peening – Shot peening involves striking a metal surface repeatedly with steel shot particles. This operation produces a deformed pattern on the surface of the metal, which improves the durability of the impacted component.
  • Stone cutting – Steel abrasive particles possess the hardness to penetrate stone materials such as granite. Grit is used for this purpose in preference to steel shot.

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