Spray Pot

Last updated: August 15, 2019

What Does Spray Pot Mean?

A spray pot is a pressure-regulated tank that is used to propel liquids such as coatings, linings, paints and other fluid substances through an air spray gun, which is then used to apply the liquid onto a surface. A spray pot is an essential component of a coating spray system.


Corrosionpedia Explains Spray Pot

Spray pots vary in terms of the specific mechanism used to propel paint and other substances. Some spray pots are equipped with agitators, pressure vacuums, reservoirs or a combination of chambers.

Air supported agitator components of spray pots are used to prevent the settling of the pigment and other components of paints and coatings that would otherwise accumulate on the bottom of the spray pot. Spray pots also vary in terms of their volumetric capacity, ranging from less than a liter to hundreds of liters depending on the application. Small units are ideal for small jobs and metal corners, generally are easy to clean, and are convenient for precise coating delivery. Large pots are ideal for industrial mass-production applications.


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