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Last updated: May 29, 2020

What Does Screed Mean?

Screed is a layer of thin cement paste and the fine granular material that is laid onto concrete flooring in order to level the surface in preparation of the final floor finishing. The use of the wrong type of screed results in the corrosion of steel in damp conditions. Where there is damage to the floor, the outcome of poor corrosion protection is obvious.


Corrosionpedia Explains Screed

Screed is a thin mixture of cement and sand. It is applied before a floor base to act as a smooth leveling surface for the installation of the floor finishing. The composition of screed is one part cement and three to five parts sharp sand.

There are three main types of concrete used in screed applications:

  1. Bonded directly with the base
  2. Unbonded on top of a damp-proof membrane
  3. Floating layer of insulation material, such as underfloor heating

The minimum thickness of each type of screed varies based on the application. Screed thickness is usually directly proportional to the duty requirements of the intended application. Heavy-duty applications such as high traffic areas require thicker screed.


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