Medium Oil Alkyd Resin

Definition - What does Medium Oil Alkyd Resin mean?

A medium oil alkyd resin is a alkyd binder made with a medium oil to alkyd resin ratio. These resins contain between 40 and 60 percent oil as a modifying agent. They are faster drying than the long oil alkyd resins. Typical solvent systems for these products are the alipahtic solvents. Some may be cut in aromatics or oxygenated solvents for high solids. Most will accept infinite dilution with aliphatic solvents.

Corrosionpedia explains Medium Oil Alkyd Resin

Alkyd resin products are suitable for a wide range of paint products with applications in decorative, maintenance and contractor paints where excellent gloss and good durability are required. Medium oil alkyds are easily air dried and are readily soluble in aliphatic solvents. Coatings systems manufactured using these resins are used in air drying primers for wood or metal, machinery enamels, industrial paints, traffic paints, floor enamels and low bake finishes.

Besides medium oil alkyd resins, there are two more types of alkyd resins: long oil alkyd resins and short oil alkyd resins.

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