Electric Arc Gun

Last updated: November 3, 2017

What Does Electric Arc Gun Mean?

An electric arc gun is a device used for the electric arc wire thermal spray process. The electric arc gun feeds electrically charged wires that, upon melting, form a metallic coating that is applied to a base material. An electric arc gun can be used by an operator, machine, or robot depending on its design.


Corrosionpedia Explains Electric Arc Gun

Most electric arc guns perform the same fundamental process. This process involves two wires that are electrically charged. They are fed to the gun through a liner and only become electrically charged once they reach the contact tips inside the gun. Once the wires are electrically charged, an electrical arc forms between them. The energy from this electrical arc melts the wires, and the molten material is then projected at a base material using compressed air. Sometimes other compressed gases are used to reduce the amount of oxidation in the coating material.

Not all electric arc guns are suited for the same job. Some of the lighter electric arc guns may be easy to maneuver, but may not be able to handle the large amounts of energy required to apply heavy coatings with large diameter wires. Also, a heavy electric arc gun made for mounting onto a machine is not suitable for an operator to use manually for long periods of time. It is important to check the specifications for appropriate electric arc gun selection.

Electric arc guns are known for their ability to lay down thick coatings. As the diameters of the wires increases, the amount of material that can be laid down increases. Manual electric arc gun operation will require skilled labor to help ensure that a quality coating is applied.


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