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Last updated: June 15, 2017

What Does Rustproof Mean?

Rustproof refers to a metallic object which is not susceptible to corrosion, i.e., which cannot corrode. Rustproof also refers to the act of preventing or delaying the rusting of iron and steel objects. Due to mechanical wear and tear and environmental conditions, degradation cannot be stopped completely, but it can be minimized through periodic rustproofing.


Corrosionpedia Explains Rustproof

Rust is usually caused when a metal is exposed to moisture and air. Therefore rustproofing is accomplished by limiting the metal’s exposure to moisture and air. There are many methods to make a material rustproof. Three common methods are:

  • Galvanization – A layer of zinc is platted over the metal surface to cover it completely. The zinc layer is transferred either via hot dip galvanization or via electroplating.
  • Cathodic protection for immersed or buried objects – An electric charge is supplied to the object which prevents the electro-chemical reaction that causes rust. Iron or steel is made a cathode in this reaction equation and a metal with a more negative electrode potential is made a sacrificial anode.
  • Coating and Painting the metal surface to make them rustproof.


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