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Calcium Sulfonate Alkyd

Last updated: April 29, 2020

What Does Calcium Sulfonate Alkyd Mean?

Calcium sulfonate alkyds provide corrosion inhibitor properties in various types of paints and are recommended for water borne applications. In alkyd paints calcium sulfonate inhibitors may be incorporated in mill-base or as post-additive at a use level of 1% - 3% per total formulation, 2% - 3% for red alkyd primer containing iron oxide pigment or microbarite filler and 1% for maintenance alkyd paints.

Calcium sulfonate alkyds are also known as “Ca sulfonates.”


Corrosionpedia Explains Calcium Sulfonate Alkyd

Calcium sulfonate alkyd paints are applied to steel structures when it is difficult or impractical to remove existing lead based paints. A calcium sulfonate alkyd top coat prolongs the lifespan of aged galvanized and rusted steel structures. Calcium sulfonate alkyd can be applied to bridges, power transmission cables, storage tanks, utility towers and the steel used in buildings.

These special paints are self priming, surface tolerant, and are applied by airless spray, HVLP, brush or roller. This is a high building coat designed for low chemical exposure.


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