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Pyrolysis Furnace

Last updated: May 31, 2020

What Does Pyrolysis Furnace Mean?

A pyrolysis furnace is a device used to generate products from various biodegradable materials via the process of temperature decomposition of organic material in the absence of oxygen. A pyrolysis furnace brings industrial benefits but corrodes under severe operating conditions.


Corrosionpedia Explains Pyrolysis Furnace

A pyrolysis furnace was conceived based on the process of contained pyrolysis, which ensures the thermal destruction of organic matter into gas and contemporary hardening of the inorganic waste.

Operating a pyrolysis furnace can be a very hazardous endeavor. The key to sustaining safe operations is to visually monitor operating conditions. The parameters such as temperature and pressure can be externally monitored by the use of a reliable, integrated control loop. Smart technologies can also be incorporated to take advantage of proven predictive intelligence models to rectify issues. The furnace operator may also implement improved burner management and remote testing such as automated decoking. The optimal response time for emergency shutdown and the operation of fluid systems and other activities may also be programmed into the control loop to prevent corrosion and other maintenance concerns.


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