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Last updated: September 9, 2019

What Does Pozzolan Mean?

Pozzolan refers to any of several silicate materials that produce cement-like materials when they react with calcium hydroxide. Pozzolans are typically used as a substitute for cement to produce concrete because they reduce the likelihood of corrosion due to sulfate attacks.


Corrosionpedia Explains Pozzolan

Reinforced concrete structures often experience corrosion. One of the most effective approaches to increase the durability and sustainability of concrete structures is to substitute pozzolan for cement.

Three benefits of using pozzolan:

  1. Cheaper than cement
  2. Increased chemical resistance
  3. Lower environmental emissions and associated remediation costs

Widely used types of pozzolans include:

  • Fly ash
  • Blast furnace slag
  • Micro silica or silica fume


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